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Terminal illness with small kids


We have a cousin who is terminally ill. She has cancer. This awful situation is compounded in that she has small children. There household income is modest. On the plus side, at least as we are told by family members more in the know than us, they'll have minimal medical bills (if/ when she passes).

For More Details:
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Lethal food supplements


Just reading an article in a NZ journal - the Listener. It reviews some research on the use of food supplements, such as vitamin pills. This is the basis for an industry making $US 34 billion per year. Naturally, the industry pushes the 'health giving' properties of such pills like crazy. But is it true?
The short answer is no. Not only that, but overdosing on vitamins and other food supplements can be very ...
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I didn't see one (but I didn't look too hard). I thought it might be a good idea to have a place where we can come together and talk about the food. The real, actual food that we put in our mouths day after day.
So if you have a favorite recipe that fills you up just right, or even a whole meal that you've found perfectly fits a 10-inch dinner plate, share it ...
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Best Method of Treatment


I have a deck that was built new 1 year ago that was never stained or weatherproofed. We have harsh winters & am afraid of the wood getting weathered if I don't treat.
I am looking into various deck stains and it sound like stain needs to be re-applied every 3 years or so.
My question is does anyone have experience with products such as Deck Restore or Gaco Shield? Are these products worth ...
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Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)


I've booked a premium service for my FLR(M) extension next month. I'm prepared to pay GBP 1,049 for the application to ensure that I obtain it on the same day and not worry too much afterwards. Then I got to find out that the newly imposed Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) that I probably need to pay. Can I confirm that even with FLR(M) extension, I still have to pay this? Is it just for ...
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Liquid Nutrition (Ensure/Boost/Slim-fast/etc...): Powder Alt


Years ago, I was diagnosed with several digestive problems that keep me from getting all the nutrients from the food I eat.
The solution to this was simple: drink Boost/Ensure. Since the nutrients in liquids are absorbed easier.
I've since stopped doing this several years ago because... well, it's freaking expensive. Even the generic stuff is $6-7. Drinking two a day (2-3 recommended by a gastroenterologist and nutritionist), equals about $17 a week, which ...
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Weight Management


I'm new to the OMS diet, but did the Swank diet for about 12 months a few years back before turning back over to the dark side. One goal I have this time around is to avoid losing a ton of weight like I did on the Swank diet. I'm already a skinny guy and am not a big fan of loose clothing and being told I look sickly skinny...Any pointers for keeping the ...
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Cannot Discover Sport Ngin Leauge Schedule/Upcoming Games


I just downloaded the Baseball app - have been asked to score for a team. When I attempt to discover, I can see the league name but cannot discover the schedule/games - message is "No upcoming games found".
The league is Frisco Baseball and Softball Association, using Sport Ngin. The Sport Ngin app loads the schedules without a problem.
If I cannot use the app for his league, how do I get a refund ...
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Streptokok a nadcha u deti

Dobry den, moj 4-rocny syn ma po mesiaci liecby antibiotikami stale v hrdle streptokoka, chodime s nim aj do solnej jaskyne a tam nam odporucali uzivat vnutorne koloidne striebro 20 ppm 3 krat denne kavovu lyzicku. Lenze som si citala na internete, ze mladsim detom ako 6 rokov to nici oblicky, je to pravda? Este mi to odporucali striekat aj do nosa nielen synovi, ale aj mojej polrocnej dcerke pri nadche, ktoru stale kojim. Nemoze ...
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How to enable a wireless mouse

Hi there,

I bought a laptop for my wife but my eyesight is so bad I cannot get the wireless mouse enabled. If I got the instructions I could print it off for my wife.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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